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How to Get Back Wife And
Fix Unhappy Marriage

By Nancy Wasson, Ph.D.

QUESTION: I feel like I'm walking on egg shells all the time. My wife has talked about possibly wanting a marriage separation because of our unhappy marriage. Even though she's still here, I'm constantly afraid that I'll do the wrong thing and she'll leave. What can I do to get back my wife?

ANSWER: Because of the pressure you’re feeling to save your marriage, you've started second guessing everything you say and do. When you over-analyze even your most casual remarks and actions, your reactions can become stiff and awkward. And that's no way to get your wife back and fix your unhappy marriage.

What's lost in the process is a sense of natural flow and ease that can be appealing to others. You’re unlikely to overcome your unhappy marriage problems unless you can be yourself and act naturally when you ’re with your spouse.


The Key to Get Back Wife

Sincerely and without judgement ask your spouse to give you honest, timely feedback if something you say or do bothers her. That alone will do a lot to win back your wife. Then focus on letting go of the control issues involved — trying to always be perfect, trying to predict your wife's reactions, trying not to mess things up. You can only be yourself—as an old joke quips, everyone else is already taken!

Staying in a state of constant anxiety and fear can actually help to bring about the very thing you're afraid of the most – a broken and unhappy marriage. Instead, search for ways to dilute your tension and release stress. The best marriage advice might be to do something to relieve stress -- exercise more, put on music and dance, clean the house, or bake bread.

By relieving tension, you will appear more confident, and personal confidence is appealing. And this will go a long way in helping you win your wife back and fixing your unhappy marriage.

So smile and adopt a sense of fun. Because when you lighten up, you'll feel more relaxed and be more likely to attract your spouse in a positive way.

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