"What to Do When Your Spouse Says
'I don't love you anymore!'"

Stop Divorce By Yourself
Without Marriage Counseling

Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

In November of 1992 in Birmingham, Alabama a man who had just separated from his wife took an elevator at University Hospital to the 16th floor. He found his way to an open window in a little-used breezeway.

There, as tears rolled down his cheeks he looked down at the alley far below. "How could I have failed so completely at my marriage?" he thought as he contemplated jumping.

The pain he felt was like a knife twisting in his gut. His thought of suicide seemed like a quick way to stop the pain.

If you're desperate to stop your divorce, I can relate to what you're going through. I know, because that man was me.

And I found out that the pain of divorce was worse than 10 root canals!

I had made a mess of that first marriage, totally without intending to, but then no one intends to fail when they get married. But it can still happen to you.

You might get sucked into a series of back and forth arguments that never get resolved.

Often what starts out so good after the wedding somehow turns sour.

And once a marriage starts going downhill, a crash is often ahead.

But the happy ending of my story could be a major benefit to you in saving your marriage, as you’ll see below.

How Do You Stop Your Divorce on Your Own?

You don't have time to waste on trial and error attempts to discover what will save your marriage. You need to know what precise steps to take right now to keep your spouse from bolting out of the marriage.

Fortunately, if you understand how to apply just two basic ideas, you have a greatly improved chance of saving your marriage, even if your spouse:

  • Refuses to go to marriage counseling,

  • Isn't "in love" with you any longer,

  • Wants a marriage separation,

  • Doesn't know if he or she wants to stay married,

  • Has asked for a divorce, or

  • Is already living separately from you.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Since you’re reading this, I can guess that some time ago you may have lost the excitement that your marriage once had.

You’re missing the enjoyment of being together and the juice that made laughter easy and sex enjoyable.

And over the years that have passed, the quality that you enjoyed as newlyweds is gone. Can you relate to that?

Or perhaps you thought everything was okay and then were shocked to find out your mate was involved in an affair or had hardened his (or her) heart to you.

Fortunately, there's a way for you to use a system that has worked for many other couples, not only saving their marriage from getting worse or ending, but actually improving it dramatically.

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To Save Your Marriage,
What Exactly Do You Have to Do?

For years, my wife Nancy and I have taught over 30,000 couples how to get their marriages back on track and Nancy has been a professional counselor and coach for more than 20 years. Nancy's marriage advice articles have been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

What should I do?The result has been “Thank you’s” flowing in from all over the world.

And we have discovered the key to not only saving many of the marriages from divorce, but even bringing them back to life with a better level of intimacy than the couples had enjoyed in years.

So don't give up hope yet!

Are you desperately trying to avoid divorce, but don’t know what to do to avoid it?

If you say yes, there are two deceptively simple rules you should know. Whatever you do:

1. Don't accidentally make your marriage worse, and

2. Do what it takes to improve it.

These two rules may seem obvious. Yet, why do most spouses fail to apply them to their own marriage?

Spouses don't always realize how what they're doing is hurting the marriage. And they don't know how to improve the relationship.

My wife Nancy and I can show you why so many fail and how you can succeed in stopping the decline of your marriage.

Once you REALLY understand and apply these two rules or ideas, then you have a dramatically improved chance of saving your marriage.

The biggest problem is that spouses don't really understand that the habits, beliefs and attitudes (that is, their unconscious baggage) that they brought into the marriage are what tips the balance toward conflict instead of harmony.


Stop Hurting...Start Rebounding
The Marriage Rescue Pyramid

In a nutshell, the diagram below shows our plan for you to save your marriage, stabilize it and begin to rebuild it.

Starting from the bottom of the pyramid, the steps we will teach you are:

    1. Survive the current crisis and buy time
    2. Eliminate behaviors that can drive your partner away
    3. Define what it is that you really want with and for your spouse.
    4. Lay the groundwork with your spouse so that you can connect better.
    5. Develop skills that will help you deepen the intimacy in your marriage.

This formula has worked for countless couples and has been the reason for the many, many testimonials we've received from grateful clients and customers. Click here to read a small selection of our testimonials.

Marriage Rescue Pyramid

Starting from the Bottom: Here's a Simple Path to Marriage Happiness

After you've followed our instructions in saving and stabilizing your marriage by using the Marriage Rescue Pyramid above, you're ready to take your marriage up to the next level.


Small Steps Are Your Key to Recovery
Here's Why This Can Work for You

No matter how distant or improbable getting back a healthy marriage may seem to you, we've seen many, many cases where spouses had almost given up hope.

And yet with our help they were able to recover their marriage, with the intimacy and feelings of love that they had once had with their mate.

How did it happen? An example will help you understand.

Remember when you were a small child, learning to read. Everything seemed overwhelming to you, right? First you had to learn the alphabet. Then you had to slowly learn some simple words.

At that point, the idea of reading a whole book was probably intimidating to you, wasn't it?

That is where you are right now in your marriage recovery. Some things may seem too much to handle or too difficult. But we'll teach you to succeed by using small steps.

Progress using small steps is believable, remembering how you learned to read. And therefore, your progress in turning your marriage around is achievable, because you actually DID learn to read.

Marriage Back On Track [Testimonial]

Dear Nancy, My marriage is now back on track. I am so glad I found you right away. I so needed your Wedding ringsadvice to get to the next day! You were right on target!

I downloaded the e-book and really studied it and found out I had some changes to make! I have read everything you have sent, over and over, because I needed hope, and you seemed like you knew what I was going through.

Changes started happening right away and I pray we will continue to have a marvelous marriage. Please continue to be online with your advice for other women who need you. God Bless You. 30 years and stronger now.

--(We respect the confidentiality of our customers.)

Read more testimonials here


Here's Our Method in Action

Now, whenever Nancy and I have one of our rare arguments or fights, we still get angry with each other. At that moment love feels remote.

And without what we know now, love would remain remote. Before I learned what we know now, I would have pouted for days, acting passive aggressive to "get back at her."

Nancy in turn would have slammed doors.

Now in the worst case, we can get back into loving harmony within an hour. But usually it's in less than 10 minutes!

And it's all based on the deceptively simple ideas of reversing the damage to your relationship with your spouse and starting to build love again.

Simple ideas, yes. But it's the details that trip people up. And you don't have time to waste. That's where we can help.

Ready to take the next step toward saving and improving your marriage? The section below will guide you in getting started.

Here's How to Get Started
Before All Hope Is Gone

Nancy and I have written a breakthrough book for spouses who want to save their marriage.

It's called Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I don't love you anymore!" and comes with 7 marriage-saving bonuses to help you beat the learning curve and save yourself time.

Keep Your Marriage book and bonuses

Don't Waste Your Time on Trial and Error
Attempts to Save Your Marriage

Do what really works and take action IMMEDIATELY to develop deeper emotional ties with your spouse. Get concrete ideas, valuable insights, and specific suggestions you can use now.


Among the benefits you get
from Keep Your Marriage are:


Discover what the words "I don't love you anymore" can really mean and why a spouse may say “I love you but I’m not IN love with you ” (pages 32-37).


Ten important questions to ask yourself to decide if saving your marriage is possible. Answer these questions before you do anything else (pages 42-48).


The top 21 marriage busters to avoid. These are 21 mistakes you absolutely don't want to make. Carry a list of these harmful actions with you each day so you can avoid further damage to your marriage (pages 50-59).


Why begging and pleading don't work and can actually harm your chances of success (pages 60-62).


What sentence you need to write on an index card and carry with you each day to keep your energies focused and positive (page 64).


Sixteen ways to build a strong foundation of support for yourself so that you can successfully confront your core relationship issues. Also learn why it's dangerous to jump straight into marriage issues without taking these steps first (pages 77-90).


Twenty-five ways to deepen your relationship with your partner and create a loving, rewarding marriage (pages 92-116). These tips turbo charge your intimacy and fortify your bond.


How to keep the sexual fires burning brightly. Learn a technique that increases passion and keeps it going strong for years (pages 140 –141).


Learn what are the four pillars of a quality marriage. If you’re not relying on these principles in your marriage, you’re headed for trouble (page 137).


What to say to your family and friends to let them know you need support, and how to avoid answering questions you don't want to answer (pages 161-162).


A surprising word of advice you won’t be expecting - it can make all the difference in whether or not your spouse finds you attractive and appealing (pages 78-81).


Essential pointers for parents and stepparents to protect the well-being of your kids during the marital crisis (pages 147-154).


But Really...
What Can You Expect to Happen?

We've seen many, many of our readers improve both their lives and their chances for saving their marriage by truly embracing our suggestions and advice. That's because:

  • By minimizing conflict and by increasing rapport building with your spouse, we teach you to attract your spouse back to you.

  • By taking the small steps we recommend toward improvement in yourself, your chances are greatly increased for changing the dynamics between you and your spouse enough to save your marriage.

  • You'll learn what not to do to keep your relationship, including any unhelpful habits that you may not be aware are hurting your marriage,

As you begin to stop doing what doesn't work and start doing what does, both you and your spouse can experience a dramatically positive change in your relationship.

Thumbs up“Fantastic ideas for stopping your divorce…Content is great and methods are extremely effective…well worth it if you wish to learn how to stop divorce today.", Expert Independent Reviews of Divorce Stoppers


However, Keep Your Marriage
May Not Be For You If...

  • You're stuck in blaming your spouse for everything without taking any responsibility for the current state of your marriage,

  • You'd rather put your energy into proving yourself right instead of truly seeking a happy marriage,

  • You're not willing to look at yourself to see how you might become a better spouse and person.

For real transformation to happen, you must be willing to reach deeply inside yourself with honesty and commitment.


Enjoy These Marriage-Saving Bonuses

With purchase of Keep Your Marriage, you'll receive our valuable marriage-saving strategies plus these downloadable bonuses:

Here's What You'll Receive

Keep Your Marriage book

Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I don't love you anymore!" -- Marriage-saving book.

Marital Separation

How to Handle a Marital Separation: 25 Tips to Help You Save Your Marriage

Marriage-Saving Secrets

The #1 Marriage-Saving Secret You Absolutely Must Know… When Your Spouse Is Undecided Or Wants Out ebook

Motivate Your Spouse to See a Marriage Counselor

How to Motivate Your Spouse to Talk to a Marriage Counselor (Even When Reluctant, Resistant and Unwilling) ebook

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101 Romantic Ideas


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Marriage Was Dead...[Testimonial]

Holding handsI am so grateful for all that your website has done for my marriage. My husband had an affair over a year ago and it rocked our marriage to the core. Prior to that our marriage was pretty much dead.

I have followed much of your advice and thanks to your website we are back on track and enjoying some things that we have never experienced in 27 years of marriage.

There are not many sources out there which encourage a marriage after there  has been an affair.

So I'm sure that God is blessing your efforts and thank you again. I will
always be grateful.

--(We respect the confidentiality of our customers.)

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Not Speaking...[Testimonial]

The ebook "Keep Your Marriage" has been invaluable to me. I was totally Holding handsestranged from my spouse, banished to another state 2000 miles away and not on speaking terms.

After downloading the book, I read it in a single day and started to use the information to correspond with my spouse.

One week later we are talking, I am invited back to our family home for the holidays, and my wife has agreed to marriage counseling.

The book completely changed the direction of where we were going, and I
thank you for the guidance. I have no doubt that it has saved my marriage.

--(We respect the confidentiality of our customers.)

Read more testimonials here

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